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Oak Park Reiki Wellness
Reiki Healing Treatments in Oak Park, Il.

Reiki Training Classes

Reiki Training:

All Levels include all reading materials and a Reiki Certificate .

Reiki 1 Class -

Reiki I is about you and returning to your inner center. To reconnect to who we truly are. A Reiki empowerment, reuniting the mind, body and soul. Refocusing our balance between the subtle life-force energy as well as the dense energy of matter. You then can shift, align and know the abundance of health, well-being and prosperity with more ease and joy.

Investment $195.  

Reiki 2 Class-

The next step to advance you along in your Reiki journey. Learn how to access additional power in your treatments, use Reiki to heal emotional problems, and send Reiki from a distance. This Level 2 is to forge a deeper connectionwith the spiritual conscious energy and trust the unknown unfoldment of your life's journey with a clearer intuitive connection. The acceptance of who you are and who you always knew and wanted to be.

Investment $295.

 Reiki 3 Class - 

 Third Degree Reiki class takes what you have learned in the previous two Reiki classes to a higher level that prepares you for the Reiki Master training. The outside world will now reflect your inner world. know each one of us is a part of the whole.

Investment $395.

Reiki Master /Teacher- 

Learn how to administer the Reiki healing attunement to your clients.  This course will significantly expand your ability to help yourself and others using Reiki.

Investment $495.

Reiki Classes for Kids

Reiki training classes is an Initiation into Reiki in Oak Park. Reiki Training in Oak Park is especially designed for children 5 to 10 years of age. Children are our future … guiding us to a new way of being. Our task is to be willing to see what they are trying to teach us, and help them get started on their path to health, healing and balance. Taking a Reiki training class  at Oak Park Reiki  is one of the best ways they can begin this process. The Reiki training Class for Children will provide your child with all of the wonderful gifts Reiki has to offer. Reiki for Kids. The Reiki Training Class for Children That Supports Balance and Health Reiki teaches children to be more confident, peaceful and happier in life. Reiki eases children through the stresses of life’s situations.  They learn to trust their abilities and intuition. Reiki guides children to their highest potential. 

Investment $150. 

Benefits of Learning Reiki for Kids and Adults

Enhances relaxation 

and sleep Improves concentration

Promotes creativity

Encourages self awareness

Calming and balancing

Gives children and adults a way to deal with stresses of everyday life

Promotes creativity

Promotes healing