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About Kim Conner in Oak Park

My Reiki Path

This is about Kim Conner in Oak Park and my Reiki healing path started in 2006. Reiki has changed my life.   I was struggling with the passage of midlife, my children were getting ready to leave home, and I was at the cross roads of my career, my beloved art studio where I had happily spend many years was closing.   How was I to cope with these changes and transitions?   I felt drained, confused and overwhelmed.   The questions I was asking myself were: what really matters in my life now?   What precisely do I need to learn, change, and/or transform in my life?     During this time I had been teaching a Bible Class to 2nd graders at my Church and the curriculum was based on the stories of Jesus and his healing.   I started to really wonder how Jesus heals.   So, I Googled how does Jesus heal and what came back was Reiki.   My immediate thought was whatever is Reiki?   Then, a couple of weeks later a flyer came to my attention announcing a Reiki- Level 1 Class.   I know Reiki found me.   The flyer mentioned that Reiki can ease stress, unblock emotional blockages and Reiki is pleasant.  There was no doubt I wanted to signed up for the Reiki 1 class.  Not more than two weeks later, I received my Reiki 1 attunement and WOW, I was totally head over heels in love with my Reiki hands and the warmth I experienced when placing them upon my body.   A warmth, so soothing I felt so heavenly and lighter! I felt held by the energy, renewed, and the bliss of deep relaxation.    

By practicing Reiki daily I able to accessed my own inner wisdom, healing and solutions to my different challenges. Some of my solutions were:  Starting a Reiki Business, I created an on line website to sell my mandala art, I'm a Founding Volunteer of Buddy' Place, teaching young children about loss and grief. 

 I love being a Reiki Practitioner and there is a quote from Rumi that says it all, Let the beauty we love be what we do. When I place my hands upon my client who has given me permission, I begin to transmit the Reiki Energy experiencing a vibration, magical connection that comes from the Divine. I'm committed to the service of helping others as they are on their healing path. This is Kim Conner's story in Oak Park. Thank you for sharing in it.