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Oak Park Reiki Wellness

Oak Park Reiki Wellness
Reiki Healing Treatments in Oak Park, Il.

Reiki Insights

When you Experience Reiki

After a reiki treatment one will feel lighter with a bright new enlivening energy.

Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that can relieve anxiety and pain and help your body heal itself. Reiki Healing and stress reduction here in Oak Park, IL. 

Why Not Reiki

Most of us have wireless devices to transfer information between two or more points. There is a similar invisible connectivity that exists in and around our bodies-a wireless energy field that flows in and around us. Reiki is one of the highest healing vibrations of energy. Why wait to connect to a force far bigger than we can see and discover the healing empowerment of Reiki.

You deserve Reiki

We all deserve to fell good, to know wellness, relaxation and joy.  Reiki deepens our spiritual connection, boosts the immune system, blockages are released allowing an inner joy.

 I'm Kim Conner, a Reiki Master and Teacher since 2006.  I offer my clients a space to find relaxation, serenity, new-found insights, and healing with the treatments that I offer.  I also encourage and offer resources so my clients can be empowered in their daily living, their relationships, themselves and their higher power.  I look forward to hearing from you and joining you on your life path. Blessings.

Your Cost & Contact

Your cost for a Session(s)

1- session: $60.

30- minutes: $35.

3-sessions: $165.

6 sessions: $300.

All sessions 45 to 60 minutes.

Cash or Check only.


30 minutes: $35.

60 minutes: $60.

Please let me know 24 hours in advance if you are cancelling or rescheduling your appointment. Otherwise there will be a  $60.00 fee. 

Oak Park Reiki Wellness

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